Monolit-B coastal system for surface and air reconnaissance (Monolit-B system), is a radar system intended for long-range over-the-horizon detection and tracking of surface and air targets using integrated means of active and passive radiolocation.


Monolit-B system is intended for:




By its structure Monolit-B system consists of two identical vehicles intended for detection and target designation, one of which is a Central vehicle of the system, another is a Peripheral vehicle.

 System to control equipment of Monolit-B system is based on the use of digital methods of transmission of all kinds of messages, automated establishment of communication, processing of messages and their distribution, scrambling of information with guaranteed security.


Self-propelled and on-vehicle variants of Monolit-B system have night-vision devices, navigation, topographic control and orientation equipment, that allows to quickly change combat positions or carry out redeployment to new positions in any time of the day and under any weather conditions.


Availability of high-precision active and passive channels of radar detection in Monolit-B system allows to carry out a flexible strategy of targets detection.


Covertness of detection and tracking of targets is realized due to jamming immunity of a ship-borne radar system Mineral-ME operating in passive mode of target detection, as well as by the use of small radar signals in active mode of target detection. There is also a possibility to receive operating data from higher command centers and external facilities of reconnaissance and target designation.